B2B Lead Generation: Edelman Trust Factor 2011: Credentials Count More Than Ever

Do Salespeople want more leads? Yes, indeed!


Trust in experts rises—and after years of being at or near the bottom, CEO s see increase in credibility.

If you are looking to improve sales leads using B2B lead generation strategies, you need to build trust with prospective buyers.

The Edelman Trust Factor 2011 shares some remarkable insights for business leaders. More than ever, you need to forge deep relationships with outside experts. This is just a small bit of what is in the full report. Click here for the Executive Summary.

Here is what the study said:

Trust in all credentialed spokespeople is higher this year, signaling a desire for authority and accountability—a likely result of the skepticism wrought by last year’s string of corporate crises. Since 2009, academics and experts—long the front-runners—earned another eight points to climb to 70 percent.

For the first time, the Barometer asked about the credibility of a company’s technical expert who is , in turn, deemed “very” or “extremely credible” by a vast majority (64 percent). CEOs are now in the top tier of trustworthy spokespeople, a striking shift from two years ago when they sat second from the bottom (figure 7). Fifty percent say CEOs are credible spokespeople about a company, a 19-point increase over 2009.

By contrast , a “person like me” dropped by four points globally in that time, falling from the top three to the bottom two, virtually swapping spots with the CEO. This may be a result of changing attitudes about what constitutes “a person like me,” rather than an indication of a significant decrease in the actual credibility of peer-to-peer communication. With some estimates indicating that the average Facebook user does not know one-fifth of the 500 people typically listed as friends on his or her page, it is reasonable to ask whether the meaning of the word “friend”—and by association “a person like me”—has become devalued.

In the wake of last year’s crises, the Barometer posed a series of questions about who should speak for a company in a challenging time. “Multiple voices” is the first conclusion drawn, as CEOs, third parties, company chairmen, and technical experts all have a role to play when a company confronts a crisis. In the case of a product recall , the technical expert and the CEO are the preferred spokespeople (30 percent and 37 percent,respectively). In a situation where the local communi ty has been damaged, more people want to hear from the CEO (38 percent) than they do a third-party representative(17 percent), government official (12 percent), or company technical expert (11 percent).

What are you doing to find the respected experts in your industry?

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