Sunday thoughts

Brain-dead marketers are everywhere

Sorry, kids but I need to vent a little. Looking for instant results in B2b lead generation? It ain’t there.Brain Dead

I’m shocked at the number of companies who expect instant results. Run a few email blasts and watch the leads pour in?

It ain’t happening. B2B marketing is hard and takes time.  It’s not about campaigns anymore. It’s not about throwing so-called sales leads to salespeople. It’s not about software and tools.

It’s about deep understanding of buyers and their process. It’s about thinking “outside in” instead of “inside out.” - from customers back to us rather than us out to customers. It is about differentiating your company and creating remarkable content. (So people start remarking to each other.)

It’s sad how badly American businesses are run today.

Check out our new lead nurturing cheat sheet in this video clip.

One other thought. I turned the over to the company three weeks ago. It was rocking - great posts for the next three weeks lined up to post. Super images in each one too. What happened over the last three weeks?

Nothing. They did not touch the blog. The last post ran Friday. For the first time in months, there is no post running tomorrow - it aways ran Monday to Friday in the past. Way to go, guys. I’ve lost all respect for them.

By the way. the publishing is paying off. Find New Customers is in the top 5 in Google for almost all our keywords.

What do you think?

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