Sunday thoughts

Just got back from the Aprimo Marketing Summit. Great event. Great speakers. Great hotel room too (with a great ocean view). Jeff Hayzlett was a hoot, and   the fly that kept landing on Seth Godin’s head as he talked via satellite was hilarious!

Seth Godin

By now, we have our weekly leads report from Marketo.

Why can’t other firms provide a quality weekly report via email like Marketo does? We use this report to sent Marketo a bill each month, which they promptly pay.

Lead Nurturing

Very proud of our new cheat sheet entitled

“7 Keys to Successful Lead Nurturing“

Frankly, everyone doing lead nurturing should download it. It’s really easy. Point, click, click, done. We don’t even use a signup form.

I’m shocked how many companies don’t “get b2b lead generation.” Sales lead generation is critical to deliver business sales leads. Look at this list of challenges for Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs):

CMO Challenges

When almost 8 out of 10 CMOs say generating high quality leads is a problem - and it has increased since 2010, it is a BIG problem. And SiriusDecisions said that companies who are best practices get 5X better results than those who are not. CSO Insights says quota achievement is at an alltime low and quotas are going up. A huge problem and companies who do it well get 500% better results - duh! I really feel sorry for B2B salespeople - hung out to dry by their leaders.

It’s clear this needs to be a top corporate focus. But most CEOs simply don’t understand it. It seems most of them think the way to improve revenue is by flogging the salespeople. I sent an email to the head of sales of a technology firm sharing the 500% number. His reaction: Please remove me.

IMHO, those business leaders are brain-dead. They will never achieve the fiscal results they want, because they are oblivious to the need of fixing root causes.

Enjoy what’s left of your weekend.

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