Sunday musings

Right now, I’m at the Aprimo Marketing Summit in Florida, where I am hosting the B2B track. On Monday, I moderate a round-table discussion on B2B marketing with executives from Symantec, ESRI and Autodesk.

Check out our new “Cheat Sheet” on B2B lead nurturing too. It’s terrific! No registration either.

Looks like we have a new professional writing project too. Another large marketing automation company wants a great white paper, like How to Find New Customers, which we wrote for Marketo.

Some observations - Marketo, Eloqua, Kinaxis (winner of our “B2B Marketing Idea of the Year Winner) and Hubspot all do a superb job of content marketing.

If you are not one of those four, you are probably NOT doing a good job of content marketing. I hear very little from other companies, including a large competitor of Eloqua and Marketo where Find New Customers is a Gold partner. (This may be changing as they wish to retain our services.)

The Flywheel Effect” - my good friend, Jim Burns of Avitage talks about this. His point is that most businesses lack the patience for content marketing. He says “It takes more than a quarter or two to see real results.” Do you have the stomach to work hard, spend money and see nothing for over three months?

Content marketing works like a flywheel. The flywheel you can push very, very hard, but it starts to turn very slowly. But if you push long enough, it speeds up and gets its own momentum. Most CEOs give up far too soon. (I’ve been dismissed as a marketing head in as little as 30 days - clueless business leaders.)

Enjoy what’s left of your weekend.