Social Media and the Business Customer

(The title of this post matches the title of the new book by Paul Gillin, which quotes yours truly on pages 160-161.)Social Marketing for Business Customer

Had a great meeting with a local business on Long Island on Friday. Very nice people and a great company.

They were looking to crank up B2B lead generation using social media. They asked me “Can we really generate sales leads using social media?”

At Find New Customers, our focus is helping businesses use all types of approaches to improve sales lead generation, including social media.

After the meeting, what struck me is this:

You don’t even realize how expert you are in social media till you talk to someone first dipping their toes in it. For instance, I know how to use Twitter for free advertising and how to use Slideshare and YouTube for search engine optimization - few know this.

As we were talking, they took copious notes. They said “Now I see. It’s not just about social media, but creating great content too.” They said “How do we create engaging content?” I gave them the 3 keys to creating content that engages readers, they said “Could you please repeat those three?” And they carefully copied them into their notebooks.

Looks like we can help them a LOT. This will be a great new client for Find New Customers.

Shocking statistic: About a week ago, we celebrated our reader count on this blog breaking through 40,000. That’s remarkable. Now, just a week later, we blasted through 41,000. The readership of this blog has skyrocketed - I want to say thanks to each and every one of you. You made this possible.

Have a great weekend.

How to Find New Customers

How to Find New Customers

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