Laugh and Learn - featuring the Fearless Competitor - Episode 4

“Create Tension” - How Marketers Can Engage Prospective Buyers using tension. We hope you enjoy this week’s Laugh and Learn - featuring the Fearless Competitor. We welcome your comments and suggestions. Tune in next Friday for a brand new episode. Jeff Ogden, the Fearless Competitor, is President of Fun and Find New Customers “Lead Generation… Read More

Fearless Competitor now available on the Kindle!

For just $0.99 per month, you can get this terrific B2B marketing and lead generation blog on your Kindle! To obtain it, just go to the Kindle store on your Kindle, select blogs, and type “Fearless Competitor.” Sign up for your 14 days free trial and you are in business. You have two weeks to… Read More

The Importance of Word Selection

As the Fearless Competitor, I’m also the President of Find New Customers “Lead Generation Made Simple“, and an incident happened recently that personified the “Simple” slogan. Two people defined Progressive Profiling. I was meeting with a client in Boston. They are a well-known company, so their website is very popular website that generates lots of… Read More

How Weak Marketing Leads to Bad Fiscal Results

Weak Marketing leads to poor fiscal results - that is our conclusion. Here’s how we came to that conclusion: Since OneSource is a client of Find New Customers, we use the product iSell to research companies. (We also invite you to visit the superb sales-oriented blog B2B Sales Lounge we write for them.) iSell is… Read More

The POST methodology and the impact on marketing automation software

Tune into HubSpotTV on November 19th at 4:00pm to see the Fearless Competitor as special guest. (Note in this recent episode, MC Hammer “You Can’t Touch This.” was special guest.) In reading the book, Groundswell - Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies, I learned of the POST methodology. Kirsten Watson, Director of Corporate… Read More

The Power of Inbound Marketing - My Visit to HubSpot

Last week I had the distinct pleasure in visiting a company I hold in very high regard. HubSpot, a Cambridge, MA provider of software for small and midsized companies is one of the savviest marketing companies on Earth. Special Note: I’m the special guest on HubSpotTV on November 19th from 4:00pm to 4:30pm ET. You… Read More

Fearless Competitor on the Kindle out of order now

Fearless Competitor is temporarily not working on the Kindle. It was recently fixed and we are simply waiting for Amazon to process it. It should be live in a few days. In the meantime, you can visit Fearless Competitor at We’ll let you know when it is fixed. Thanks for your patience and your… Read More

How, When and Where Buyers Want Content

Okay, I’m a data junkie. Touchy, feely stuff is nice, but give me hard facts. When I saw the great data here, I was happy. Content is huge today. And I’ve been on my soapbox, talking about the importance of story-telling. Sorry to give a plug here, but we recommend our Content Marketing Workshop. And… Read More

Laugh and Learn -featuring the Fearless Competitor - Episode 3

Welcome to the Friday edition of Laugh and Learn featuring the Fearless Competitor “Oops, we broke your guitar.” Watch the Fearless Competitor live on on November 19th at 4:00pm Eastern Time. Jeff Ogden, the Fearless Competitor, is President of Fun and Find New Customers “Lead Generation Made Simple” Check out the online show every… Read More