How to Outsource: Look for the Network, Not Just the Knowledge

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Value’s in your network of experts , not just the knowledge in your head.

Talking with a large software client recently who grew their marketing staff from 3 to 50 with very talented marketing people, I had a bit of an epiphany.

I thought Find New Customers was hired to help with marketing. But what the client really saw in us was B2B marketing experts with a world-class network.

Despite our deep knowledge of BtoB lead generation and marketing, they didn’t need our marketing expertise (Most of their 50 had a bit of that knowledge). But not one of those people could duplicate is access to a world-class network. When they needed world class thought leaders to give comments on their marketing approach, they turn to us.

We’ve been publishing and networking for years. Our network is without parallel.

Here are some statistics that show the breadth of our network:

  • Nearly 3,800 Twitter followers
  • 37 Linkedin recommendations (from top executives)
  • author of 3 highly acclaimed white papers
  • my own Linkedin group (Fearless Competitor)
  • iTunes and YouTube channels
  • This very popular and newly syndicated blog (50,000 readers and in international syndication)

The bottom line for me is, if we need a favor from a well-known sales or marketing expert, we simply pick up the phone and make a call.  What seems so easy for us at this point is virtually impossible for others. That point was lost on me till this interesting conversation.

The Marketing Take-Away

You can easily buy knowledge. You can’t buy a world-class network.

That in a nutshell is the unique value of the Fearless Competitor. I say that sometime I feel like the Pied Piper, but making connections is so easy for me at this point.

Want a BtoB marketing expert?

Choose from thousands.

Want a BtoB marketing expert who can connect you with world-class “sneezers?”  (A term coined by Seth Godin in Unleashing the IdeaVirus.)

There’s but a handful.

Therein lies a major difference.

What do you think? What’s the value of connection with many top experts? Do you see it of value to businesses? We love comments and sharers.

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