Who says B2B Marketing Has to Be Boring? (via )

Face it, B2B marketers need to learn to use humor and thought leadership. More need to see this article. Please share it.

Who says B2B Marketing Has to Be Boring? Did you miss last Friday's hilarious episode of "60 Seconds" It was our best show ever! And we've got a great one coming up this Friday too. In a recently study by MarketingProfs and Junta42, it was found that the biggest challenged faced by marketers with their content was making it engaging for prospective buyers. Over 1 out of 3 - 36%, said their single biggest problem was: a lack of engaging content In plain English, that means when you recei … Read More


Our Friday show 60 Seconds with the Fearless Competitor - iPad edition

Bet you had a crazy busy week. Non-stop meetings. Tons of emails. And phones that won’t stop ringing.

The Fearless Competitor has an invitation for you. Pull up a chair, pop a cold one and relax for a few minutes. We want to entertain you.

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“All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth…and an iPad.”

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