Random acts of marketing (Why you need outside help)

I was having a great conversation with a Vice President at a $100MM West Coast software firm when she told me:

We’re kind of old school, Jeff.

We just engage in random acts of marketing.”

What she was referring to was their tendency to run multiple marketing campaigns without insights into prospective buyers. Unfortunately, what she complained about is far too common. Random acts plaque B2B marketers all over the world.

She was very interested in what I shared about Value Propositions, Buyer Personas and Universal Lead Definitions.  She said that’s the kind of thing her company really needs to do - but they’ve never been able to break through the status quo.  An inability to break the status quo is why you need outside help.

Without Buyer Personas, a marketing organization cannot engage in Content Marketing or develop Lead Nurturing programs to engage prospective buyers. They cannot create remarkable content (to use Ardath Albee’s terms) based on Catch Factors.  They cannot develop Cliff Hangers to keep prospective buyers’ attention.

This is why an outside service like Find New Customers “Lead Generation made Simple” plays such a critical role for B2B sellers.  Only an outside service can break through the status quo. Your marketing staff is so buried in the day to day they can never begin to hope to address fundamental challenges. You need outside help.

The data shows the benefits of outside help, as outsourced lead generation produces 43% better results, than in-house.  You need outside help to become great, not just good, in business to business lead generation. For more on why key tasks are critical, please see article We Need to be “world-class in Demand Generation.

As an independent, we can perform a lead generation diagnosis and prescribe the bitter medicine the company really needs. As the saying goes, a person who acts as his own lawyer or doctor has a fool for a client. To learn about services available from Find New Customers, please visit How We Help.

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