If you’re afraid to fail, you will

That’s the lesson I took from the article on Robert Iger, CEO of Disney in Sunday Morning’s New York Times, “Is Disney’s Iger Having a Cinderella Moment?”  History - and boards - reward the brave and audacious.

  • $7 billion to purchase Pixar?
  • Reorganize the movie studio and lose a dozen top execs, including a very popular leader?
  • Do the opposite of everyone else?When retailers were cutting back due to the recession, Iger doubled down, spending $1 million on each of 340 Disney stores.
  • Swap a CFO (finance) with a division head?  Crazy!

One other factor I see as key here - Strong People skills, namely relationships, fence-building, listening intently.

The successful executive is an audacious risk taker — who’s also skilled with people. Use that in looking for your next leader.

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