How to Find New Customers hits a big milestone

Update: How to Find New Customers has hit anothor big milestone.  December 2009 was it’s biggest month ever by far and it has now delivered over 100 sales-ready leads for Marketo.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

When Marketo and Find New Customers agreed on a White Paper back on January 27th, 2009, it was agreed that Marketo would get a certain level of sales-ready leads before they started compensating Find New Customers for the leads.  A sales-ready lead is one where the salesrep indicates the lead is sales-ready in CRM.

Today, Marketo informed Find New Customers that How to Find New Customers has delivered a certain number Sales-Ready Leads for them.  “Feel free to invoice us.  Congratulations!” wrote Jon Miller, their VP of Marketing.

How to Find New Customers has passed a great milestone.  It fills a real need.

Jeff Ogden is President of Find New Customers and the author of How to Find New Customers, the highly acclaimed white paper. Find New Customers helps businesses implement best practices lead generation programs to find and acquire new customers.  You can reach us at (516) 284-4930 or jogden at

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4 responses to “How to Find New Customers hits a big milestone

  1. It appears that ‘getting even’ is more important to you than conducting yourself in a professional manner. Who would want to do business with someone who sees ‘vengeance’ as a priority and is only able to surface 54 leads in 10 months? Must be a hardship walking in your shoes.

    • This comment illustrates my point of letting everything through. This commentator says some hurtful things. And I wish to point out that “vengeance” is not a priority, however it is nice to achieve a goal. It’s certainly no hardship walking in my shoes either.

  2. I edited my blog post to remove terms that were poorly chosen. Even if someone does something that is not wise, I ought not call the decision “stupid” — even if it is. And the term “leads” can have many definitions.

    Let’s just celebrate the success of many months of hard work.

  3. We must know that Every business owner share same goal in their mind: to increase their sales. That is why,for me i agree and everyone else here getting poetetial leads for your business is very important. The right thing to do is Identifying qualified clients or customers who want whatever a business have to offer is what businessmen need to do.

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