Here we go again. Leading in tough times.

Downturn Leadership

In this difficult market, I wish to tell you about a document I read by noted management consultant, Lee J. Colan, with the title above.  I wish to summarize his excellent document, but I will also attach his PDF, so you can download it and read it for yourself.

The great graphic on the cover — the views of the tracks of a roller coaster at top — perfectly illustrates the dilemma of business today.  We do not know how far or how fast we will fall.  All we know is — we will fall.roller-coaster

Mr. Colan’s first point is telling.  “No trend lasts forever.”  I recall voicing skepticm on the housing marketing, only to be told that it will keep going up and up.  Wrong.    But he also notes that the best time for your company to gain a competitive advantage is during a downturn.

While most business leaders are trying everything they can think of conserve cash, leading minds like Mr. Colan and Jill Collins believe true leaders need to think of this time as a golden opportunity.

  • Great employees are available today that are never available.
  • Complementary partners are hungry for help.
  • Competitors are weakened and vulnerable.

So Mr. CEO, you have a choice.  Do we run and hide or do we look at this as an opportunity to become a leader in our industry?

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