How great companies turn crisis into opportunity


Great interview with management guru Jim Collins in Fortune, February 2, 2009.    Those who panic on the mountain, die on the mountain.  You must go up or down — you don’t wait to get clobbered.  So too companies must make changes in this market and not panic.  “What can we do to not just survive, but to turn this into a defining moment in history?”

Great companies realize it is the caliber of their people that gets them through.  “If there is a storm on the mountain, more important than the plan are the people you have with you.”

How do you distinguish the truly great from the rest?

The right people don’t need to be managed.  The moment you feel the need to tightly manage someone, you’ve made a hiring mistake.  (Author’s note: No resume in history has shown self-management!)  The right people don’t think they have a job — they have responsibilities.  They do what they say they will do — so they are careful about what they promise.

His final paragraph is perfect:

mountain-climbingI don’t care how hard this period is.  You have to have a combination of believing you will prevail, that you will get out of this, but also not be the Pollyanna who ignores the brutal facts.  You have to say that we will be in this for a long period and we can turn this into a defining event, a catalyst to make ourselves a much stronger enterprise.”

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One response to “How great companies turn crisis into opportunity

  1. Most entrepreneurs create their responsibilities around their passions and use timing as a catalyst. They surround themselves with a sphere of people that are considered colleagues and channel with leverage the energy and creative power to a lazer point focus. ….that is the focus is a critical element for success.
    Thank you Jeff.
    I wrote a blog on “Golden Economy to Cast and Plant”

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