More basic business operations

Dear readers,
In this slowing economy, executives are busier than ever. They are in constant meetings and bombarded by email. They face pressures in the office and at home. It’s time to shake things up folks.

First, focus on search engine optimization. Anne Holland, founder of Marketing Sherpa, calls SEO “huge, huge, huge.” Eyeballs are online and companies have to compete online.

Second, start having conversations with your prospects about THEIR issues and concerns. Dig for news, read the trade press and keep at it.

Third, work with your team — your salespeople and managers. Make sure you clearly understand how everyone is motivated.

Fourth, go visit customers and listen. Put yourself in their shoes. Why did they buy? What results are they getting? What if they had NOT done business with you?

Fifth, be patient. A certain UK search company thought a start-up in the US would take about 3 months. You have to build relationships over time. 3 months is naive. A more realistic timeframe for a start-up is 9-12 months. For a good example of a start-up doing it right in the Hotel SEO space is iOptimize Marketing.

As always, good luck and good selling, dear reader.